Fitness Training Sessions

What is EMS Suit


The electric suit that shocks you slim: A new, high-tech exercise regime simply requires you to strap yourself into a body suit and endure the pain

The XFIT training EMS Suit are thoroughly well designed to fit every individual and it accommodates any body form. Furthermore, they’re simple to handle and maintain, with only 1 cable extension connected to the main device. So the physical exertion routine involves wearing a suit that sends low frequency impulses through your muscles as you exercise, leaving them with a workout that is hundred and fifty times stronger than you may usually knock off with a traditional workout.

Benefits of EMS Suit:

Thus, this suit not only strict to these benefits but there’s more to it. As you start working out with EMS suit you will burn over 2500 Calories which is equal to 500 times more than an average woman needs to burn in a day. Hence, 20 minutes’ workout in just once a week is enough for you to get your workout routine intensified.

What EMS Suit is made of ?

This suit is made of broad, flexible pads that cover all the muscles involves in your body. Wires on each pad snake back to a standing console beside your body, which will ply your muscles with electricity for the next 20 minutes.

When turned on, it simultaneously stimulates all the major muscle groups for the whole 20-minute exercise session, meaning there are 150 times more muscle contractions than in an equivalent normal workout.

EMS training suit is the most enhanced technology with no side effects. Simply put it on, feel comfortable, get started and let the magic happen.