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Father’s Day Special – Personalized EMS Training for Diabetic Fathers

It is truly said that Moms are the glue that binds their family together, but Dads are the backbone of a happy family, who manages all family affairs intelligently and smartly without showing any stress to their family. But it doesn’t mean that all happy & intelligent fathers are healthy and fit. According to a recent online survey “Fathers at the age above 40 are more at the risk of Diabetes Type I and II.” In honor of Father’s Day, today we at XFIT – a renowned EMS training provider across Dubai, will talk about benefits of EMS (Electric Muscles Stimulation) training on diabetic fathers.

So, if you are planning to give something unique and useful to your father then instead of going to traditional gifts like watches, ties and shirts give something special that your father really wants. Give him the gift of fitness – Personalized EMS Training.

Fit Fathers


Diabetes and Its Type

Before going on to benefits of EMS on the diabetic patient, let’s first understand the different type of Diabetes that is Type I and Type II. Both the types of diabetes are serious to health and require immediate attention.


Diabetes Type 1 – The Type 1 diabetes is caused by the changes in the immune system that cause the human body to kills the cells that produce insulin. As the level of insulin in a body is zero, so this will increase the glucose level at a tremendous rate in the blood.


Diabetes Type 2 – There are basically two main causes of this type of diabetes, first, when the amount of insulin is less and another reason is when produced insulin doesn’t function properly. This will increase the glucose level in blood.


Diabetes needs to be treated properly before it becomes worst. If it is not treated on time it may lead to many other serious health issues like – cardiovascular disease, kidney diseases, stress, sexual dysfunction and much more.


How EMS Training Help Diabetic Patient

EMS Improves Glucose Metabolism

It is being considered that diabetes (type II) can be controlled by controlling the presence of glucose in the blood and improving the glucose metabolism. Many health experts believe that EMS therapy can improve the glucose metabolism. The report published NCBI states that “ 20 minutes session of EMS training can improve glucose metabolism and oxygen uptake in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients.”

EMS Training Session

EMS Can Work As Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Using EMS training sessions as diabetic peripheral neuropathy can help you to reduce pain and improve the muscular strength of your body. Along with this, it improves the blood circulation and removes all the harmful toxins from the feet.

According to the report of the Therapeutics and Technology Assessment Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology, “EMS training is effective” for treating diabetic neuropathy.


Note – The training of EMS should be avoided in the case of unstable type I diabetics. Don’t start EMS training until a stable metabolic condition has been reached.


Thus, Personalized EMS Training can help you control glucose level in your blood that improves the glucose metabolism. If you want to control diabetic burnout, then, Personalized EMS Training is the great way to achieve it. So, on this father’s day, every father should take a step ahead towards XFIT and give the mouth breaking reply to diabetes and other health issues with the EMS training without any second thought.