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EMS Training: Conventional Yet Future Fitness Trend

Earlier EMS (Electro Muscles Stimulation) was used for its analgesic properties, but now it has been acknowledged as an indispensable element in fitness training, especially for a sportsperson, athlete, and women. This technically advanced workout process provides various benefits to the users like increased muscular strength, muscles endurance, reduced fat & cellulite of body and improve recovery rate as well. Generally, runners, cyclists and overall fitness enthusiasts across the globe prefer EMS training that helps them reach their desired fitness goals. Furthermore, EMS training has become a contemporary fitness trend for boosting muscles strength and performance as well.

How Does EMS Work?

EMS is a renowned workout process that works by delivering electrical pulses that activate nerves in the body. These pulses make muscles to contract and relax. During this automatic squeezing action, up to 90% of muscles are activated simultaneously.

The process of EMS is considered to be the most effective and efficient training methods because:

  • Electrical Stimulation of a motor neuron requires less current
  • The surface excitation created by nerve help to distribute the current to all muscle fibers

EMS Training Session

How EMS Help You?

20 minutes of EMS training twice a week can provide you with fantastic health results. In fact, EMS workout session boosts our health both physically and mentally.

In fact, several scientific studies have shown that “EMS improves blood flow, thus boosting circulation and have various medical benefits like increasing flexibility, cutting body fat, improving muscular strength and much more.” Besides this, Let’s see some other proven benefits of doing EMS Training.

Shape Your Body

The impulse produced during workout session are sent by the brain to muscles that generate stimulation and causing muscles to respond by contracting and relaxing. This contraction & relaxation of muscles help in toning and shaping our body and figure. As per research, EMS full body training can stimulate up to 350 of muscles in a shorter period of time.

Improve Circulation

EMS Training produces impulse that generates stimulation and causing muscles to contract and relax. This stimulation activates the muscular and connective tissues that help in improving circulation through all connective tissue. Besides this, it also helps in removing toxins from the body and improve skin health as well.

 Reduce Body Fat & Cellulite

Several types of research and studies have shown that “Anti-cellulite needs physical activity and stimulation as well.” EMS training is the foolproof solution to reduce the cellulite and fats from the body. As EMS training generate stimulation, it activates the muscular and connective tissues which in turn improve the circulation and reduce extra cellulite and help in achieving tighter body.

Improve Recovery Rate

As, we’ve discussed in the third benefit that stimulation generated by EMS training help in improving circulation, this allow the capillaries to supply a fresh blood to the area with oxygen and nutrients to recover. Thus, it improves the recovery rate.

These were the few noticeable benefits of doing EMS training. If you want to include EMS training in your workout regimen, you need an assistance of Personalized EMS Trainer that can help you to achieve your desired health and fitness goals. X-fit provides you with one dedicated certified trainer permanently who will assist you in your training and follow up on your diet and ensure you with a result-driven workout.