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Top 5 tips for staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in Dubai

Staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in Dubai

Dubai is a great city to reside. The vibe, opportunities, diversity and to see how quickly things advance here is simply amazing. However with all this comes a very busy lifestyle too which sometimes can get challenging to manage, leading to stress. Here are some tips that we think would help you staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in Dubai.

1. Balance your time and activities

Work, fun, exercise, sleep, everything is certainly very important for us; but all in moderation! Too much of anything can work against us, therefore when looking to develop and maintain fitness and health, a balanced lifestyle is very important. Start with knowing your priorities. Examine what most important to you and the people around. Whether is education, career or family, depending on what stage you’re at in life you will need to focus your energies differently. The most important tip here would be to avoid juggling too many big projects in your life at once. Thinking positive, planning and spacing out all tasks would help you to do less and do well!

2. Eat clean, eat right

Been there, done that is what we usually hear from people when we talk about eating right. We all have the tendency to do it for 2 days and cheat for the next 4. A good diet doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on everything you love. It just means that you eat what you like and also eat what is important. The best way to make sure you’re doing well with your food is by sneaking some required supplements and superfoods into your diet.

So, here are some easy-to-eat, easy-to-find, every day “super” foods to keep fit and healthy. Easily available in supermarkets in Dubai, we can include them in any of our meals on a daily basis for the required nutrients.

Berries and Oranges – great source of vitamin C

Eggs – perfect proteins

Beans – easy to find and cook

Salmon – for the much required omega-3 fatty acids

Nuts – a snack for anytime of the day

Sweet potatoes – a great ingredient in your salads

Broccoli, Spinach and Avocado – can never go wrong with greens

Milk and Yogurt – the much deserved dairy intake

Chia and flax seeds – for additional supplementary nutrients

3. Schedule your fitness regime

It’s easy to leave a fitness workout behind due to a busy schedule. However sometimes we just have to be determined to ‘make’ time for it. Schedule your weekly fitness regime. This way you will be able to not only balance this with your personal life, but also help yourself stay fit and healthy. For starters, you may start to have it twice or three times a week.

Dubai has plenty fitness options to offer for both indoor and outdoor activities. From jogging to gym, cross fit, yoga, pilates, zumba etc. you have a variety to choose from. There are a lot of fitness studios in all areas that you can join depending on what best suits you. EMS training is one of the most modern and latest style of workout introduced in Dubai. Originating from Germany, this style of training is best suited to those who have an extremely busy schedule and are unable to take the time to workout for an hour everyday. EMS requires you to workout for only 20 minutes twice a week, the results of which are three time more than the traditional gym training. For more details on EMS training, you could reach out to out XFIT Fitness Centre in Business Bay.

4. Pick a hobby

Dubai can be one of the cities where the time flies really quick and 24 hours could be less to have. So to make sure you are spending time doing what you enjoy, pick a hobby. As important as it is to be involved in physical activities, following your hobby and/or learning a new skill has great mental benefits too. If you already have a hobby, indoor or outdoor then make the time, get your friends together and enjoy it. And if you already don’t have one, try new activities. There are opportunities in Dubai to learn new skills from athletics to yoga or the less traditional forms of exercise such as rock climbing, boxing, rowing or canoeing.

5. Take a break!

When you are striving to stay fit and healthy in Dubai and don’t know how to do it, just take a break! You could get away on holiday to great places that are close to Dubai and not very expensive. Destinations like Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Nepal, Georgia, etc. are all only a few hours flight from Dubai and have direct flights available. You don’t need to have a lot of days to get away to these destinations.

You could also treat yourself to a wellness retreat. Whether you are looking to reduce stress, rejuvenate yourself, lose weight or find a healthy balance, retreats are a great way to help you get into the habit of eating well and exercising regularly. Besides, it’s always great idea to treat and nurture yourself once in a way!! 🙂