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What happens when you are indulged into a 20 minutes EMS work out?

By streaming out electric impulses to the muscles, the body trains two times as compared to conventional training. EMS technology is quite well know globally and has been used by certified and renowned athletes like Usain Bolt and Muhammad Ali as a pre workout routine before competitions.

An uncoordinated contraction results in EMS stimulation as compared to voluntary muscular contractions, that roll through the muscle in an exceedingly wave to come up with a coordinated, engaged force. Studies show that muscle tension created during a maximal EMS contraction is half an hour more than a maximal voluntary contraction. When muscles are contracted by fibers and voluntarily, some fibers are stored and not used as a reserve, therefore, it’s not possible to voluntarily contract all fibers at the same time. However EMS works directly on the muscles, bypassing the body’s energy conservation system, therefore there’s no limit to the amount of fibers that may be activated. The EMS stimulation permits the athlete to warm up as a coaching simulation that’s impossible by any other ways.

How EMS Burns 3000 Calories in Just 20 mins?

Most common question, yes we have the answer… at Xtreme Fitness Center (XFit), you will be training nine muscle groups of your body during regular 20 minutes EMS Session. In that case, it’s not merely work for weight loss but will also help in reducing fat and make you optimally fit.

Therefore all the muscles that are connected through EMS suit help you to burn more fat than you can ever do in a conventional workout. Results prove that regular EMS trainings can make you feel healthier in just a 20 minutes workout each week. So gear up with EMS Suit at XFIT to see good results soon!